Things you should never say to a designer


25 Things you should never say to a designer.

Things you should never say to a designer

1. I’ll know what i want when i SEE it.

2. I like it, BUT….

3. We want it to look like this but don’t copy it, just make it different enough but keep it the SAME.

4. Can you use MORE FONTS.

5. Can you try a DIFFERENT COLOR scheme? How about electric blue, white and florescent coral?

6. Make the LOGO BIGGER.

7. Oh…and and we need it for TOMORROW before NOON…No really, it’s urgent.

8. Can’t we just use the IMAGE FROM INTERNET.

9. Will this win an AWARD for me?

10. Give it a “WOW-FACTOR”

11. Here’s a LOW-RES picture I found on Google Images. Can you blow it up and put it on a BANNER?

12. There’s too much white space. Let’s add something.

13. Can you just throw out a few quick designs?

14. C’mon, it will only take a minute to do it.

15. I’ve sent you the logo is in WORD format, IT”S OK?

16. LOW RESOLUTION? it looks ok on my screen.

17. BLACK?? No, it’s depressing or PINK?? It’s too girly.

18. I’m NOT SURE try something else.

19. Put a photo in it there are lots on my FACEBOOK.

20. Use the logo it’s on my Facebook.

21. I’ll whatsapp it.

22. There’s something that doesn’t work but i’m not sure what.

23. Anyway you are the designer you know what to do.

24. It looks much better now…don’t you think?

25. You charge too much.


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