Why Professional photographers are expensive?


In this digital era where everyone has a camera (both Point and Shoot or DSLR), anyone can claim to be a professional photographer. But As a customer, you’re not just paying for the actual photograph, you’re paying for Gear, Time and Expertise.
Most of the people having this question in mind, think that it’s just about spending few hours & pressing few buttons. But that’s far from the reality.

Let’s explore the reasons why professional photography is so expensive.

1. All professional photographers are full-time photographers. They would travel to any possible location and will shoot to the best of their ability. They give you their valuable time. They don’t run for multiple assignments within a day. They would rather do one quality assignment.

2. Professional Photographers don’t compromise. They will give you the best they can.

3. Do you know that??….Pro Photographers further learn and explore new dimensions by joining several communities. Even the pro Photographers pay for their premiere membership to different premium photography communities like 1x, 500px and others. Office and their phone bills, electricity bills and studio rent etc is included in the Premium services.

4. They Attend workshop just to keep themselves updated.

5. Professional photographers don’t compromise with the quality of their gear. They spend tons of dollars getting multiple camera bodies, lenses, flash equipment for every situation, tripods, light stands, backdrops, props, carry and storage cases.

6. They buy professional licenses for softwares like Photoshop, Lightroom and their Plugins and different cloud back-up storage solutions and many other things.

7. They may have a small team working with them either on location or back in studio. The Photographer pays them for their work from his income.

8. There’s a unique style in every Photographer and that’s why every shoot looks different. They know very well how to add freshness in every shot.

9. Experience is the one thing that may beat everything. And the Professionals are vastly experienced. They can advice you over a number of thing which you would not be able to decide. They know what’s right and what could go wrong.

10. Pro Photographers not only keep themselves updated but also keep their gears up to date with the latest technology. They always try to match their clients taste perfectly.

I hope that those who have taken the time to read this post will have a better understanding of why professional photographers are expensive.


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