Privacy Policy

What type of details and information do we collect ?

Whenever you fill up a form on the we take your personal info like name or e-mail address.
If you are Visiting or surfing this website anonymously then we will not use your any personal information.

Why do we collect your name or e-mail type of information ?

We collect your information just to improve our and we also collect your information just as to improve or do our the customer services better.

Do we protect your information or not ?

Yes we protect your personal information like your name and e-mail address or any information that you provide on this website . The variety of security measures are implemented on this site to maintain the safety of your very personal details.

We don’t publicize anybody’s personal information because we know how somebody feels when his personal information is misused and we don’t sell your information .

Do we use cookies?

Yes we use cookies so as to provide you the best ads related to you and we use cookies because so that the same type of advertisement must not be shown repeatedly. Cookies help to track the advertisement on the .
We never used cookies directly only the advertisers uses the cookies.

Links of Third Party

Here we use the third party links which are only helpful for you and related to the niche of this website . Third Party links are only for you not for us in any respect . Here we share the links of the various companies so that you can contact them easily without wondering here and there so that you can save your precious time.

Online Privacy Policy Only

Tutons’s Privacy Policy is applied only to the online privacy policy to any type of the details or your personal information which is collected on this website and it is applied on the information which is collected offline by any of the Tutons’s Team member.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we made any changes in our privacy policy in future you will get a notice for that .

This Privacy policy page was last modified on 20th July 2014

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy then you can easily contact us using the information below.


The best option for contacting us will be tutons mail id and the form at our contact us page.You can visit our contact us page by –