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All of us wants to improve our productivity and efficiency at work(otherwise you won’t be reading this) 😉 for this mission you only need to remember these ADOBE PHOTOSHOP SHORTCUTS. These shortcuts may seem difficult at first, but trust me these are quite easy to learn. Learning and practicing them will reward you by a lot of time eventually.


Tools Shortcuts:

A: Path Component Selection Tool
B: Paintbrush Tool
C: Crop Tool
D: Changes Default Color Palettes To Black Foreground, White Background
E: Eraser Tool
F: Cycle Screen Modes
G: Gradient Tool
H: Hand Tool
I: Eyedropper Tool
J: Airbrush Tool
K: Slice Tool
L: Lasso Tool
M: Marquee Tool
N: Notes
O: Dodge/Burn/Sponge Tool
P: Pen Tool
Q: Quick Mask
R: Blur/Sharpen/ Smudge Tool
S: Clone Stamp
T: Type Tool
U: Shape Tool
V: Move Tool
W: Magic Wand
X: Swap Colors On Color Pallete
Y: History Brush
Z: Zoom Tool

F1 – Toggles Adobe Online Help

F5 – Toggles Brush style palette

F6 – Toggles Color, Swatches, Styles palette

F7 – Toggles Layers, Channels, Paths palette

F8 – Toggles Navigator, Info palette

F9 – Toggles Actions, History, Presets palette

Tab (Key) – Toggles all the palettes on screen
Shift + Tab (Key) – Toggles palettes on screen, excluding the Toolbar.

File Menu Shortcuts:

Ctrl+N: New Document
Ctrl+O: Open Document
Shift+Ctrl+O: Browse
Alt+Ctrl+O:Open As
Ctrl+W: Close
Ctrl+Shift+W: Close All
Ctrl+S: Save
Ctrl+Shift+S: Save As
Ctrl+Alt+S: Save a Copy
Ctrl+Q: Exit

Layer shortcuts:

Ctrl+Shift+N: New Layer
Ctrl+J: Layer via Copy
Ctrl+Shift+J: Layer via Cut
Ctrl+G: Group with Previous
Ctrl+Shift+] : Bring to Front
Ctrl+]: Bring Forward
Ctrl+[: Send Backward
Ctrl+Shift+[ : Send Back
Ctrl+E: Merge Layers
Ctrl+Shift+E: Merge Visible

Viewing Shortcuts:

Ctrl+Y: Proof Colors
Ctrl++: Zoom In
Ctrl+-: Zoom Out
Ctrl+Alt++: Zoom In & Resize Window
Ctrl+Alt+-: Zoom Out & Resize Window
Ctrl+Alt+0: Actual Pixels
Ctrl+Shift+H: Show/Hide Target Path
Ctrl+R: Show/Hide Rulers
Ctrl+Shift+; : On/Off Snap
Ctrl+H: Show/Hide Extras
Ctrl+Alt+;: Lock Guides
Ctrl+;: Show Guides
Ctrl+’: Show Grid

Image Manipulation Shortcuts:

Ctrl+L: Adjust Levels
Ctrl+Shift+L: Adjust Auto Levels
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ L: Adjust Auto Contrast
Ctrl+M: Adjust Curves
Ctrl+B: Adjust Color Balance
Ctrl+U: Adjust Hue/Saturation
Ctrl+Shift+U: Desaturate
Ctrl+I: Invert
Ctrl+Alt+X: Extract

Filters Shortcuts:

Ctrl+F: Last Filter
Ctrl+Shift+F: Fade
Ctrl+Alt+X: Extract
Ctrl+Shift+X: Liquify

Selection Shortcuts:

Ctrl+A: Select All
Ctrl+D: Deselect
Ctrl+Shift+D: Reselect
Ctrl+Shift+I: Inverse

Random Shortcuts:

Alt+Backspace: Fill with Foreground Color
Shift+Backspace: Fill with Background Color
Alt+]: Ascend through Layers
Alt+[: Descend through Layers
Shift+Alt+]: Select Top Layer
Shift+Alt+[: Select Bottom Layer
Tab: Show/Hide All Palettes

There you have them, the most important and probably the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop. The differences between the current shortcuts and the ones from the previous versions are not very big, so if you have a grip of those, you will most definitely be able to use them in the last Photoshop version too. And if Photoshop’s keyboard shortcuts are not suiting your fingers’ way of moving over the keyboard, then you can always customize them yourself and make the best out of the keyboard in a program.
Edit key shortcuts – If you want to customize the keyboard shortcuts, all you have to do is press Alt + Shift + Ctrl + K.
Preferences – Ctrl + K will always take you to the Preferences menu.




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