Keep in Mind When you Design Type


Designers come face to face with text stuff often. As designers we want that set of text that should be inviting, it should not repel our viewers and to deal with it we need to understand typography.

There are things or rather set of rules which every typographer should keep in their minds even if you want to break them.


Choose Type Faces Wisely

You have a vast ocean of fonts to choose from, but that doesn’t mean that you can use all what you like. You have to choose it wisely, make a scheme of type faces you could use and stick to it. This doesn’t mean you have to use only one font of one size. You are free to vary fonts,  but your senses. If you have found a nice and decorative typeface and it looks wonderful, it doesn’t mean it will beautify your your text, sometimes it is irritating too.

proper typeface


Size it Properly

Size should be set according to the importance of a set of text. For example, titles can be bold and large, but size of the subtitles and the content should be smaller than the title. Another thing you should remember is that every typeface is differently sized, they can be long, large, small, wide or fat. They take different amount of area in the workspace.

Height of each character is called ‘x-height’ and width (including the buffer space with other character) of each character is called ‘set-width’.

proper size


Leading is the vertical spacing between each line of the text. This is so because in metal typesetting  lead strips were used to give space between each line.

Leading should be at least 2 pt higher that the text size for maximum readability.


Kerning and Tracking

Kerning is the space between any two characters. Tracking is very similar to kerning. It is the space that is evenly applied on all the characters.

Don’t ever stretch or squash the text, resize or change the font if you don’t like the shape or size.


Is your Text Properly Aligned?

Properly align your text, using a grid or guide may be useful. Don’t just throw things, text should be aligned keeping in mind the hierarchy and other needs.



Which Color you Want?

Colors are needed to beatify things up, it acts as a make up element for your block of text. Your colors should attract readers, use of vibrating colors my repel them. Well it is completely according to the need and mood of the text. Use color guides if  you are confused. Keep in mind that the text should be readable, never use dark text on dark color, or light text on light color.

proper color


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