Ways to be Creative


Ways to be Creative

1. Try new things.

2. Write a list.

3. Stop planning start doing.

4. Take more photos.

5. Stop trying to achieve perfection.

6. Lose your fear of being wrong.

7. Do more what makes you happy.

8. Get away from the computer.

9. Make an inspiration board.

10. Make a color palette.

11. Study shapes and forms.

12. Go somewhere new to shoot.

13. Break the rules.

14. Break your own pattern.

15. Admire the color palette of butterfly wings.

16. Shoot through something.

17. Study people and their emotions.

18. Be open to meet new people.

19. Move in close on your subject.

20. Simplify something to the point of abstraction.

21. Share a story from an unusual perspective.

22. Take a road trip, document it with phone camera.

23. Watch short films.

24. Shoot how u feel.

25. Share tips and tricks.

26. Get feedback.

27. Observation.

28. Don’t give up.

29. Finish something.

30. Practice daily.


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